Mohammad Hamzehzadeh

;Born in 1948 in Tehran ;Bachelor of Film Directing from Faculty of Arts ;Master’s degree in Media Management from University of Tehran :Author of more than twenty fiction books for children and Young adults including The eye the eye two fish , The Blood Orange , Sky Green , Two pedals and Four legs ,That man came in the rain , Babe Deer , The secret of locomotive, The adventures …
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Hassan Ammekan

;Born in 1979 in Astaneh Ashrafieh ;Worked as an illustrator for the press , magazines and publishers of children and young adults book for more than 20 years As an international illustrator , painter and animator , more than 100 published children books in Korea, Japan , England , India , France , Spain , Germany , Mexico, Portugal and other countries are recorded .His resume is enriched by national …
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Mojahedeh Pourshamsiyan

;Born in 1978 ;Graduated in Graphic from Faculty of Arts ;Began her work in 1997 in the field of press illustrating and caricature ;Holding several individual exhibitions of cartoons and illustrating from 1999 to 2018 ;Holding several cartoons exhibitions in Iran , Montreal , Dublin ;Winner of several national and international awards in the field of cartoons ;Winner of  Cyprus Olive in 2015 ;Winner of People’s award from Belgian Festival …
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Amir Hamzehzadeh

دانش‌آموخته‌ی کارشناسی رشته‌ی گرافیک از دانشگاه سوره. طراح و گرافیست ماهنامه‌ی سراسری هزاربرگ، مدرسه‌ی نو، و کتاب‌ها و ویژه‌نامه‌های مختلف فرهنگی و هنری. طراح و گرافیست انتشارات سوره‌ی مهر به مدت دو سال. طراح نام‌نشان جمعیت وفاداران انقلاب اسلامی و چندین موسسه و شرکت‌ داخلی و خارجی. ???? امیر حمزه‌زاده، طراحی گرافیک و مدیریت هنری مجموعه‌ی پنج جلدی قصه‌های شیرین دلستان و گلستان را بر عهده داشته است. ???? مجموعه‌ی …
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