Delistan is a village at the foot of “Bolandkouh” having good soil, but not suitable for agriculture. The soil of Delistan has been a good soil for pottery since ancient times. The people of Delistan use the soil for sale or making clay pottery. The pitches of Delistan are well-known in the world. Some of them made by Delistan inhabitants have been handed out for years in the farthest corners of the world and still wanted.

Behind the “Bolankouh” there is a village called Golistan whose  people grow flowers and making a living that way.
Also Golistan has its own stories which you will read.​​​​​​​

This book contains some stories about ancient traditions and moral concepts concerning Iranian culture even human culture.
In narrating the storie, it is tried to write contents similar to old Iranian and oriental legends and texts. This is while they are all creative and modern.

Behind the “Bolankouh”​​​​​​​

What animals live in Delistan and Golestan?
Gazelle.  Wolf.  Horse.  the sheep  cow.  hen and rooster.  turkey.  pigeon  Goat.



What jobs do the people of Golestan have?
Pottery.  Production of nuts.  Bakery.  tailoring. brick making


What jobs do the people of Delstan have?
flower cultivation. Bee breeding.  carpentry.  Cultivation of medicinal plants.  agriculture.  animal husbandry.  Hunt.

The narrated stories happen in several villages within friendly, happy, curious and often adventurous people which naturally two collections of Delistan and Golistan are the main basis of the events.
Divine traditions, wisdom, morality, helping people, generosity, confrontation of good and devil and spending their life based on good beliefs are the most important themes of the stories . Piety and theistic lifestyles are also at the heart context of the stories, but they are narrated in a way that’s not ostentatious.


Nearly 100 fictional characters play a role in the stories. The stories are not only addressed to children and young adults but also to adults . Each story bears complete and independent story conveying message by itself.
There is a mystery in every story , and a discovery happens for the characters and the readers as well.

Nearly 100 fictional characters play a role in the stories.  Hunter, shepherd, mediciner, farmer, beekeeper, florist, teacher, potter, carpenter, blacksmith, peddler, traveling salesman, wise man, worker, cook, businessman, gardener, flower seller, rose water seller, imam of the mosque.


important places

Important places of Dolestan and Golestan 
Boarding school.  mosque.  Pantheon.  village square  Medicinal plant shop.  Pottery workshop.  Telecom Center.


customs and traditions​​​​​​​

Every week they go to the cemetery of their ancestors and the deceased.  They invite each other to a party.  They participate in the wedding ceremony.  They help each other. If a stranger comes to the village, they welcome him in their house.  They have love Day,  thanksgiving day and new Year ceremony. 

After three days of heavy snowfall, the sky became clear for a few hours and the desert around the Golistan was illuminated by the sunlight.
Jahangir who had been stayed at home because of snowfall , climbed to the top of the hill to take a look around. His faithful dog Tazi jumped around him in the snow. He put his gun on his backpack and looked into the distance with his binoculars.
When the snow stopped falling , some of the animals came out of their nest that was a good time to hunt.
As far as the eye could see , everywhere was covered with snow and the trunks of the trees were bent under the snow .
Suddenly , in the  blanket of snow  , he saw two black spots that hurriedly pulled themselves forward through the snow and went towards the forest.
At first , Jahangir thought that the woodcutter is Golistan and his son who were going to the forest to work but answered to himself soon : “ woodcutter is aware that going to the desert in present conditions is dangerous and maybe they were caught by hungry wolves.”
Maybe two passengers were going to Golistan . Turning the camera frame, he saw a herd father away whom pursuing the two men slowly. He panicked momentarily.
Jahangir was aware that the wolves often chase their prey for hours and attack it at the right opportunity.
He tried to guess how far the wolves were from two passengers. It was not so faraway that something could be done to save them .
He picked up the gun and left the backpack there. His dog Tazi whom perceiving smell of the wolves growled and sniffed at their path.
Jahangir said  to Tazi : “ go to the wolves ! “Tazi barked and ran in direction where the wind smelled of wolves.
Jahangir also threw himself down the hill and ran towards the passengers .
He armed the gun to strike the wolves if necessary. The wolves heard Tazi’s noise earlier than himself. The wolves stood and barked . He took the opportunity and fired a gun into the air. When the wolves heard the sound of gunfire, they fled the way they had come.

Excerpt from the story “The thieves of the treasure”